Keeping Your Yard Beautiful

keeping your yard beautifulEveryone wants to have the most beautiful yard in the neighborhood, but few people have the time or resources to carry this out. There are a few simple things to focus on in order to keep your yard looking sharp that won’t take too much of your time.

First, make sure you are keeping trees pruned. Shaping a tree correctly can make it look much more aesthetically pleasing and can ensure the health of the tree. Make sure to do this regularly because it is much more difficult if you wait a long time. You can hire a company to do this for you or you can do it yourself, just be careful. Don’t cut the branches flush. Instead make a cut parallel to the stump of the tree, otherwise the tree will not heal properly from the cut. You will want to cut the bulk of the branch off first to avoid breaking and splintering the tree. Be sure to use sharp tools. Knife sharpeners may be necessary.

Second, keep the lawn looking perfect. Fix any problems with watering to avoid yellow spots. Water more during the hotter months so that the grass doesn’t die. Patch up any bare spots or holes with new sod. Remove any crab grass that is overrunning the natural sod. Trim the lawn regularly. Proper edging is also important to keep it shaped well. Test the soil at the beginning of the season to make sure the grass can grow well. Use a fertilizer that is strong enough to kill any bugs but that won’t damage the grass.

Planting flowers and maintaining them can also beautify any yard. Get rid of any weeds that could suffocate plants. Plant flowers in areas with the right amount of shade. This will vary depending on the flowers you buy. Make sure the soil is prepared for new plants. If the soil is too dry the plant will die, but if the soil is too heavy and moist the plant can drown. Don’t put the plant too deep in the ground either, or it won’t grow properly.

Pruning trees, maintaining the lawn, and planting flowers are three simple things anyone can do to keep their yard looking beautiful. It may not be an easy job, but you will definitely feel that it was worth the trouble. Having a healthy yard can increase your home’s value and can help keep your neighbors happy too.

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