Decorating a Lake House

Decorating a Lake HouseYou need to furnish your lake house but you have no idea where to start! Chances are that it isn’t necessarily a large space like your normal residence, but there’s still a good amount of space that needs furnishings. You might have a traditional house, or it might be more of a cabin type residence. If I were you, I’d sit down and make a list of all the essentials you need in order to furnish your lake home. This could include kitchen appliances, washer/dryer, sofa, and bedroom furniture such as mattresses and dressers. I would spend the most money on these items since you likely are using them the most in your home and your comfort depends on them.

In regard to everything else in your home which is more decorative accessories, there are a few tips to keep in mind. First of all, your style and theme need to blend well. This is a lake house, so chances are you’ll want something that is calming and serene. Once a style is determined, you need to choose colors, and materials that go well with it. Your house should be a reflection of your personality. You want to feel at home and comfortable within the walls. Another thing to keep in mind is the placement of objects within a room. You want the furniture to go well with each other and fit the purpose of the room. More than likely the rooms in a lake house are casual and need to be user-friendly rooms meant for relaxation. If you are looking for furniture for a lake house chances are you need a good furniture store.

Lazyboy is a great option because they will offer personal shopping that helps you find items that fit your style and that say within your budget. Also when furnishing, it is important not to forget color. It is important to keep in mind for it contributes to the personality and feeling of the room as well. Blue tends to have a calming affect, green is serene and helps relieve stress, red and orange bring more excitement, purple is said to bring creativity while yellow is happy and cheerful. Since we are speaking of a lake house, and I’m operating under the assumption that this is your getaway place, I’m guessing you will probably want to use blues, oranges, and yellows since these represent lake house and vacation attributes like calmness, excitement and happiness. At least those describe the vacations I seek to take. They are overall fun and enjoyable colors, just like a lake house is a fun vacation spot. You want to choose colors that blend well with the room itself and the furniture you have chosen to place therein.

So when looking at furnishing your lake home, keep in mind some of these ideas and have fun. Your mind is your greatest asset and can help you create an atmosphere that is a reflection of you and that you fully enjoy vacationing in. Have good furniture, but also utilize color and other accessories such as pillows, paintings, and pictures of your family to help create a great environment in your lake house. It is where memories are made so capture those memories. Make it a safe haven that you can retreat to on a regular basis. 

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