Building a House

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABuilding a house is a process containing quite an amount of building equipment, construction machinery and tools. After all the details of the architectural plan have been decided upon, it’s time for action on site. Once everything is defined considering materials to be built in, it is up to the constructor to be well prepared, equipped and quite well organized so that everything goes according to plan and delays are reduced to a minimum. The predefined materials will of course determine the type of equipment, while the quantity of it will be indicated by the volume of work to be done considering the due date and the dynamic plan.

  • Clearing up the site and getting to the planned depth for the foundations is where building starts off.  Foundation drilling equipment is diverse and as mentioned above, the further choice between large diameter drills, small-bore drills and mini and micro pile drills will depend on the amount of work to be done. The speed of the drill will give the whole process a lift, and the footing of the house can begin.
  • Following are concrete works, or filling in the trenches, indicated by the architectural plan, and carefully checked and double checked before approved only to make sure the traces are all set straight from the very beginning. Concrete is mixed on directly on site by using a portable concrete mixer , they move along with the positions to fill so that the process is fast and there are no holdups for the workers.
  • It is inevitable to make sure there is lifting equipment on site intended for transporting materials from one position to another in a safe manner, weather we are talking about air or ground distance. Accordingly use material handling equipment such as smaller fork lifters, the most common type, or even a hand fork lifter which should be enough for the building of a standard sized house.
  • Nothing can of course be done without the simple hand tools of every worker on site. Depending on the phase they are working on, whether it’s the building of the walls, laying floors, setting windows and doors, wall plastering or painting, they all have specific hand tools and equipment which is as important as their skill and experience.

The list of specific jobs that will need to be done goes on until the moment the house is ready to become your new home, here are just a few of the components and stages the building of a home will have to go through before it reaches the goal: paths and driveways, carport floor, fencing, retaining walls, window locks, roof insulation, gas supply, light fitting, paving, hot water service, quantity and location of power, landscaping etc.

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